Lines are installed and we will roll the surface tomorrow morning, June 4th, in order to open at noon. We have to apply Tennis Quebec recommendations as described in PlanCOVID19. One of these measures is to have a phone reservation system to avoid having players waiting more than 10 minutes before playing. We designed our reservation system similarly to what we had in place, to come play when you are ready without scheduling too much ahead of time. The reservation system will work as follows:

  1. A  Google spreadsheet will be maintained in real time with the list of reservations. This file can be accessed from Facebook and from our website in the Reservations menu.
  2. You must call 438 390-0731 a maximum of 60 minutes in advance to reserve a court. If no court is available within the hour, you can reserve the next one even if it is in more than one hour. Reservations can be made everyday starting at 8:30 AM.
  3. You must show up at the club less than 10 minutes before your reservation.
  4. Reservations are every hour: starting at 9:00 AM for court 1, 9:15 AM for court 3 and 9:30 AM for court 2.  The names of both players must be provided.
  5. The playing time is 50 minutes in order to leave time for the staff to maintain the courts.
  6. At the end of playing time, you must leave the club immediately.
  7. You can come back to play later the same day if a court is available following the same reservation procedure.

Tomorrow, reservations can be made starting at 11:30 AM.

Enjoy this new season.