Two weeks after the club opening, we already have more than 115 members. Since members play a lot more than previous years, we will have to limit the number of members to less than the usual 150. The actual limit has not been established, it will depend on how the COVID situation evolves in the coming weeks. Know that there won’t be half-season memberships nor monthly memberships after July. Better to sign up now if you wish to play this summer.

Most items from the COVID-19 opening plan still apply. Minors changes are described below.

  1. Members must now use the entrance on Décarie to come in and leave the club. The door must remain open to avoid virus transmission through contacts. The door between the church and the Manoir will be locked because of a summer camp offered near the church.
  2. Parking is not allowed on the church property. Trespassers may be towed. I recommend that you park on the street or negociate a private arrangement with the parish.
  3. Access to the club-house and the sanitary facilities is only allowed for club employees. Please enforce this measure.
  4. You must serve only with your own set of balls and not touch any other balls. This rule does not apply to family members.
  5. You must reserve by phone at 438 390-0731 a maximum of two hours before playing. The Google reservation sheet that you access via Facebook or from our Reservations menu allows you to see what is currently available.
  6. On hot days, we will have to water the courts in the early afternoon. Exact watering hours will be shown on the reservation sheet.
  7. During the week, the club is open until 9pm but if nobody has reserved for the last two periods, we will start watering the courts at 7pm. If you want to play between 7pm and 9pm, make sure your reserve by 7pm. On weekends, watering will start at 6pm if no reservation was made.
  8. Lessons should be allowed starting July 6th. We hope that doubles and round-robins will be allowed too. The singles ladder should restart by July.